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The Need for Nationwide Wound Care in America

It would be the hope of any developed nation to provide adequate medical and wound care services to all of its denizens. Indeed, we’re...
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What could COVID mean for the social fabric of India?

There has been an understandable desire to identify the result of these Covid-19 dark moments in global history when much of the world has...
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Alert specialist about eating disorders in adults and children

In pandemic time, a specialist warned about eating disorders suffering big and small due to the confinement Yet the uncertainty. The graduate Rachel Carranza spoke...
Customized and Effective Onsite Wound Care Lowers Patient Risk

Customized and Effective Onsite Wound Care Lowers Patient Risk

After weeks, and sometimes even months, some wounds simply do not heal. These wounds, often referred to as chronic wounds, require a little bit...
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Hepatitis B virus(HBV) may also spread by unprotected sex, says an expert at American...

Cancer or commonly termed ‘tumor’ is characterized by uncontrolled growth of cell(s) that over cedes the natural regulatory control of the cell cycle. Nature of...
Trump taking hydroxychloroquine

Trump said he self-medicates with hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus

He has "zero symptoms" of COVID-19, he is tested daily and has always tested negative, but the President of the United States, Donald Trump,...
World hypertension day

World Hypertension Day 2020 – What You Need to Know

It’s so mind-blowing that over 1 billion people on the planet have High Blood Pressure, and the fact that many people do not know...