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“Sexual harassment” and “doping scandal” … Russia “censors” its athletes

The Kremlin is seeking to strictly control the statements of Russian athletes heading to Tokyo for the Olympic Games next month. And the American newspaper...
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US accuses Russian troops for several international crimes worldwide

U.S. authorities have indicted six Russians working for Russia's military intelligence service. They are accused of several notorious computer attacks that have been carried...
Roma Dancers in India

India : It’s time to recognize the Romani People as Indians

“I feel a kinship with the Roma people,” – 1983, Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India "We are ready to help you and extend...

Ruderer Gruhne: life planning «mixed up»

Potsdam - The relocation of Olympia in Tokyo by one year also messed up private plans for the rowing Olympic gold medalist Hans Gruhne...

Beijing Olympics as a goal: Simon Ammann continues

Bern - The four-time Olympic champion Simon Ammann continues his ski jumping career and has his sights set on the next winter games. "I plan...

Sailors, masks, machinations: the 1964 Tokyo Games

Berlin - Tokyo 1964, Tokyo today, two Olympics: When Jurgen Noldner travels 56 years back in time, it is like a déjà vu for...

DLV accepts Olympia during the hot season

  Frankfurt / Main - The German Athletics Association has accepted the new Olympic date in the hot Japanese months of July and August. "There were...

The Olympic clock is ticking: pick it up to Tokyo 2021

Frankfurt / Main - The new Olympia clock at Tokyo Central Station is ticking. According to the announcement on March 31, there are still...

Olympics in Corona Crisis: Will give winners and losers

Berlin - Due to the postponement of the Summer Olympics to 2021 due to the Corona crisis, there will be “winners and losers” in...

There are many indications of July 2021

New York / Tokyo. The postponed Olympic Games in Tokyo will probably take place at the same time in the summer of next year....