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Canada strikes back at the U.S. after U.S. tariffs on Canadian aluminum

Canada will introduce "reciprocal measures" worth 2.3 billion euros in a month in response to Donald Trump's decision to return a 10 percent tariff...

Ice and survival artist Norbert Schramm turns 60

Frankfurt / Main » Breathtaking pirouettes, rapid step combinations, wild jumps in brightly colored costumes, plus music from the Bee Gees or Jean-Michel Jarre...
Railway crisis Ottawa claims to have a plan e1582133760608

Railway crisis: Ottawa claims to have “A Plan”

While in Quebec, there is talk of the possibility of calling for the intervention of the Sûrete du Quebec (SQ) to put an end...
Rail blockade Trudeau cancels visit to Caribbean emergency meeting Monday to resolve crisis e1581908283335

Rail blockade: Trudeau cancels visit to Caribbean, emergency meeting Monday to resolve crisis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not attend the Caribbean Community Heads of Government (CARICOM) Conference in Barbados this week, having decided to stay in...

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