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US publishes video of intercontinental ballistic missile interception

The US military has published a video of the test of the SM-3 Block IIA interceptor missile, which for the first time managed to...
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US holds secret military exercises to work out a possible response from the Russian...

This Friday, October 23, secret military exercises under the command of the US Armed Forces ended in Germany. Stars and Stripes reported about it. The...
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Who is Luis Arce: President-elect of Bolivia and heir to Evo Morales

The elected presidential candidate of Bolivia by former president Evo Morales, Luis Arce, of the Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), based his campaign on the...
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Tsunami Alert: Tsunami threat emitted in Alaska after 7.5 earthquake in Pacific

A 7.5 earthquake - recorded this October 19 at 20:54 (GMT) south of Aleutian islands- has prompted a tsunami alert for various parts of...
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Confrontation between China and the United States – Due to the confrontation between the...

As of June 2020, China has more coal capacity than the US and India, for example. Recently, Chinese leader Xi Jinping pledged to the...
Deepest earth pictures by Russian submarine

A Russian autonomous submarine reaches the deepest point on Earth

The Russian autonomous submarine Vitiaz managed to reach the deepest point on the planet, known as the Mariana Trench, in the Pacific Ocean, and...

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