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The Faroe Islands and the United States strengthen their friendship

The Faroe Islands and the United States have signed a declaration of co-operation that sets the framework for increased bilateral co-operation between the two...
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Germany ready to mend relations with the US

It is not every day that the Defense Minister of a major NATO ally proposes a new course in transatlantic relations, emotionally expressing his...
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Partnership between Ukraine and the United States – Yelchenko on what will be the...

The strategic partnership between the United States of America and Ukraine will be strengthened regardless of who wins the US presidential election. This was...
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Understanding the skepticism on Covid-19 precautionary norms

In the midst of dreaded Coronavirus infection surge, with reported community spread of the infection happening in certain states, distance norms vanished with the...
COVID-19: Reinventing the Indian CSR landscape?

India: Reinventing the Indian CSR landscape during COVID crisis

COVID-19, a term which was a mere medical acronym prior to December 2019, has now so fundamentally altered the lives of people, economies and...

Eintracht Frankfurt and Deutsche Bank: perfect deal

FRANKFURT - The Bild newspaper reports that the deal between Frankfurt Eintracht and Deutsche Bank is now perfect. This coincides with the information that...
The Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt

Will Eintracht Frankfurt play in the Waldstadion again soon?

FRANKFURT - The big winner of the bank swap is Frankfurt Eintracht, which has benefited directly from the assignment of naming rights for the...