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Sputnik V claims it is the most effective vaccine against the Delta variant

The Gamaleya Institute of Russia, the creator of the Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus, assured that it is the most efficient against the...
Ranking of the best countries to live in during Corona. Where is India?

Ranking of the best countries to live in during Corona. Where is India?

India ranked 50th whereas Pakistan ranked 46th in the Bloomberg Covid Resilience Ranking. Israel is ranked fourth after about 60% of its population received the...
The "E484" strain is the most dangerous ... Pfizer and Moderna explain why the vaccine is effective against the mutated Corona

The “E484” strain is the most dangerous … Pfizer and Moderna explain why the...

After London declared a state of health emergency as a result of the rapid spread of the new strain of the emerging corona virus...
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Putin and Merkel discussed possible “joint vaccine production”

In a phone conversation, Merkel and Putin discussed "cooperation issues in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic " and "possible prospects for joint vaccine...

Vaccine Leak – Pharma mafia ready with a new COVID vaccine for new Coronavirus

The German laboratory BioNTech, which together with the American Pfizer produced the first internationally approved vaccine against Covid-19, could supply a vaccine adapted to...
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60 people arrested in London protesting against vaccination against COVID-19

On Saturday, London police detained 60 people during a protest against quarantine and vaccinations. Police have previously lined up several streets in the West End...

How to invest in a Covid-19 vaccine and should you do it?

Attempting to navigate your way through the swathes of misinformation surrounding the coronavirus and a potential vaccine that exists online can be a challenging...
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Argentina will carry out clinical trials of the Russian vaccine in the population

Faced with the current coronavirus pandemic, more than 160 vaccines are being developed against SARS-CoV-2 around the world, hoping to bring one to market...

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