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The Future of Pharmacy Practice in Africa: Reality and prospects. Africa, Artificial intelligence, COVID, Health system, Innovation, Investment, Medicine, Pandemic, Pharmacist, Pharmacy, Public health, Surveillance, Technology,

The Future of Pharmacy Practice in Africa: Reality and prospects

The practice of healing in Africa has evolved a long way from the times when mankind associated every disease with an evil spirit or...
unsung hero covid 19 era

The Unsung Heroes in the COVID-19 Era, Pharmacists

The novel coronavirus disease outbreak, widely known as COVID-19 was first recorded in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December 2019. This disease was declared...

Entry stop for Europeans is to be extended

Washington - The US's one-month entry ban for visitors from Europe to combat the coronavirus is to be extended, according to US President Donald...

Computer becomes chemist: Autonomous chemistry laboratory for the pharmacist

In times of the corona crisis, we got a new look at many things. This includes the possible fragility of supply chains and the question of...

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