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BRITAIN-G7-SUMMIT-Biden's gift "that Johnson will pay for" raises controversy in America

Biden’s gift “that Johnson will pay for” raises controversy in America

On the sidelines of the G7 summit, reports circulated that US President Joe Biden had gifted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a custom-made bike...
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Trump’s case in Pennsylvania described as meaningless and dismissed

The Philadelphia Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit filed by US President Donald Trump's lawyers with the aim of changing the outcome of...
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Michigan confirms the results and awards votes to Biden

The Michigan State Committee voted Monday to confirm the election results, formally awarding newly elected President Joe Biden 16 electoral votes. This certificate almost completely...
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Trump’s candidacy withdraws his biggest accusations in Pennsylvania

A lawsuit filed by US President Donald Trump over the Pennsylvania election results could not possibly be overturned after the candidacy dropped most of...
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Funding for alleged electoral fraud goes to the president and the Republican National Committee

The candidacy of Donald Trump, the outgoing President of the United States, has in recent days sent a number of e-mails and messages to...
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Tom Wolf, a Democrat hosts curfew in Philadelphia amid protest

Residents of the US city of Philadelphia were all forbidden to go outside the house last night and into the night. The curfew was...

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