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Religious harmony – how far is it?

In September 2020, Charlie Hebdo, a French Magazine, published a cartoon caricature on Prophet Muhammad (Sm) that expectedly caused immediate protests across countries. Of...
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Cleansing drives and prospects for positive social change

Cleansing or special drives that are mainly undertaken for a certain time to reduce gross mal-practices with some drastic efforts have been mounted in...
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Janet Yellen will be the first woman to head the US Treasury Department

It is expected that President-elect Joe Biden nominates Janet Yellen to the Minister of Finance, US media reported. If confirmed by the Senate, she would...
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The Zelensky administration named a way to return Crimea to Ukraine

In order for Ukraine to return Crimea, it is first necessary to "return" the sympathy of the people living in the republic. Serhiy Kunitsyn,...
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Why Trump is considering a strike on Iran

Donald Trump has not yet become a lame duck. At the very least, he does not acknowledge his defeat in the elections and does...
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Maia Sandu is still looking for “that one” special for her

Maia Sandu, the newly elected President of Moldova, is a very reserved politician, speaks little, and is streamlined. So far, you cannot make a...
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Trump wants to make it impossible for Biden to change China policy

US President Donald Trump has attempted to take a series of tough measures over the past 10 weeks to “cement his legacy” in the...
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Will Biden avoid escalating Cold War between US and China – Bloomberg

Since last year, there have been thoughts that China and the United States have already started a Cold War. American President Donald Trump was...
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It is estimated that 70,000 could die in the coming months in the United...

Rapid growth in the coronavirus epidemic in the United States could lead to an additional eight million confirmed infections and 70,000 deaths over the...
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China threatens to punish the United States for Taiwan

The Chinese have threatened US action after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Taiwan did not belong to China. The statement said China...