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Foreign aid, conditionality and development

Foreign aid, which is significant for developing economic and other aspects in less developed and developing countries, is given to different countries. Less developed...

Despite his party’s decision to withdraw from the government, the Palestinian Minister of Labor...

The Palestinian Minister of Labor, Nasri Abu Jaish, who earlier announced his resignation after the death of a human rights activist, said that he...
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Russians invested GBP 1 billion in luxury real estate UK during nineties

As anti-corruption organizations have been doing for years, a British parliamentary report issued this week denounced London's complacency about Russian fortunes, whose sources are...
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France elects the first shemale Mayor for Tillois-le-Marcienne town – Marie Cau

The first transgender shemale mayor in France emerged in the small town of Tillois-le-Marcienne, replacing his/her predecessor, who had been at the head of...
Lebanon : Strong protests over deep economic crisis

Lebanon : Strong protests over deep economic crisis against Hassan Diab government

After a hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Lebanese resume the protests following the death of a protester in the northern city of...

USA: How Trump divides the people in the Corona crisis

The US president is using the pandemic to mobilize his clientele. The USA would be infinitely stronger if it stood together in the crisis. So...

Majority of Russians for President’s age limit

Moscow - After more than 20 years in power, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin also has to worry about his age, according to a survey....

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