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We could have put an end to the collapse had it not been for...

While the government crisis continues in Lebanon amid the worst economic collapse in the country's history, the former Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, affirmed that...

Hezbollah’s involvement..Iranian gasoline from Baniyas port to Lebanon

More than a month ago, the leader of the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, entered the line of the fuel crisis that the...
A "German proposal worth billions of dollars" to reconstruct the port of Beirut

A “German proposal worth billions of dollars” to reconstruct the port of Beirut

Two informed sources that Germany will present, next week, a proposal worth billions of dollars to the Lebanese authorities for the reconstruction of the...
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US Presidential Election – Why Middle East Leaders Anxiously Await US Election Conclusion

World leaders closely watch the US presidential election, because soon the world will know who will become the new leader of America. Middle Easterners...
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Day of national mourning in Lebanon after the explosion that devastated Beirut

The government is targeting a shipment of ammonium nitrate stored " without precautionary measures " at the port. “It is inadmissible that a shipment of...