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Ruderer Gruhne: life planning «mixed up»

Potsdam - The relocation of Olympia in Tokyo by one year also messed up private plans for the rowing Olympic gold medalist Hans Gruhne...

The Olympic clock is ticking: pick it up to Tokyo 2021

Frankfurt / Main - The new Olympia clock at Tokyo Central Station is ticking. According to the announcement on March 31, there are still...

Bavaria and Saarland extend exit restrictions

Munich (TEH) - The exit restrictions in Bavaria that have applied since March 21 due to the coronavirus will be extended until the end...
Many middle marketers demonstrate their willingness to help and go shopping for the elderly

Willingness to help: Going for a walk and shopping, Mittelmark is great

With the worsening of the corona crisis, the municipalities in Potsdam-Mittelmark launched neighborhood assistance in a variety of ways in order to bring together...
The number of corona infected people in Potsdam has increased

Already three deaths on Sunday in Potsdam

Three senior citizens of Potsdam had died as a result of an infection with the novel coronavirus by Sunday evening. A 78-year-old man died...
For this, the citizens' commitment to manufacturing respiratory masks on their own initiative remains great

The situation in Potsdam-Mittelmark on Sunday – Seven people in the hospital

In the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark, the number of people infected with the coronavirus continued to increase over the weekend. According to the district administration,...
Mothers currently have to give birth to their children in Potsdam's clinics without a partner

Birth without a partner during corona crisis?

Potsdam remains tough: Relatives are not allowed to enter the delivery rooms until further notice. Women who want to give birth in the “Ernst...
Symbolic picture: In the laboratory

Few new infections due to low test capacities

The crisis team of the Potsdam-Mittelmark district reported 93 patients late on Saturday afternoon who tested positive for the novel coronavirus. This increased the...
Cell phone tracking is said to help fight the pandemic

Corona Crisis: Infected for healthy people

Potsdam - Comprehensive tests and tracking of mobile phone data can help to overcome the corona crisis more quickly: Erwin Bottinger, head of the...
Brandenburg does not get drug crime under control

Brandenburg does not get drug crime under control

The number of drug-related offenses registered by the police in Brandenburg has almost doubled in the past six years. In 2019, the crime statistics...

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