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World Population Day… a UN call to guarantee women’s reproductive rights

On Sunday, the United Nations called for closing the gaps in access to sexual and reproductive health services created by the Covid-19 crisis, coinciding...

How Having a Maternity Health Insurance Can Help You in Parenthood?

Nurturing a child and meeting the requirements of the mother and the baby during the pregnancy is costly. And above that, the rising expenses...
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The Uighur Muslims… who cares?

We’ve all heard about the severest human-rights crisis in the world, i.e. the arbitrary detention of millions or even more Uighur Muslims in straggling...
paternity scandals of the stars who did everything wrong

The paternity scandals of the stars who did everything wrong

The stars are more often in the scandal of paternity than any other. There is a lot at stake that causes people in search...
A pregnant woman waits while another goes into labour at the general hospital in Man

Reducing Maternal Mortality – Everyone has a role to play

Going back in time to precisely ‘1982’, a safe motherhood initiative was launched to reduce maternal mortality at least by half by the year...
Antibody test for Corona: Many are unsuitable

Antibody test for Corona: Many are unsuitable

Some doctors' offices now offer blood tests that are designed to provide information about a previous Sars CoV-2 infection. The quality of some tests...

World Health Day 2020: Support Nurses and Midwives

It is the world health day 2020! It is that special time of the year put aside to discuss current issues affecting health and...
Mothers currently have to give birth to their children in Potsdam's clinics without a partner

Birth without a partner during corona crisis?

Potsdam remains tough: Relatives are not allowed to enter the delivery rooms until further notice. Women who want to give birth in the “Ernst...
Has never experienced anything like this: Soran Ahmed in his supermarket

A supermarket in the time of Corona: the enemy is invisible

"We all underestimated that. However, consciousness must first establish how dangerous this virus is. And then these hamster purchases. I've been a retail salesman...