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RETP organizes Virtual Panel Discussion on COVID-19

On July 04, 2021, a virtual panel discussion on "Continuing to combating the spread and effects of COVID-19" was organized by REsolv Education and...

Will the third wave be as devastating as the second?

In the surge of the third wave, REsolv Education and Training Programs (RETP), the USA is organizing a virtual panel discussion on "Continuing to...
Learnings from SARS CoV-2 social and economic stress of first wave to tackle the second wave onslaught in India

Learnings from SARS CoV-2 social and economic stress of first wave to tackle the second...

In a little over a year, in March 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic and on March 24, India went...

No case of Coronavirus found in North Korea

The representative of the World Health Organization in North Korea, Edwin Salvador, said that North Korea had informed that it had tested 23,121 people...
Pandemic, health and socio-economic improvements

Pandemic, health and socio-economic improvements

Of course, the Novel coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, which have not been previously unidentified in humans, has enormously affected the whole world and put...
India, Nordic, Finland

India’s Nordic Bonhomie

The recently concluded virtual meet between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Finnish counterpart Sanna Marin is a step towards forming closer ties with...
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Almost a quarter of Americans describe 2020 as “awful” (poll)

When asked for a poll, to sum up the year 2020 in one word, nearly a quarter of Americans answered "awful," "terrible" or "horrible." Carried...
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Covid-19 & Vaccine prospect – What HIV/AIDS taught us

Recent media reported in India that weeks after first vaccine dose during the trial, a Minister got Covid-19. It may have hogged the headline...
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Coronavirus Dilemma – Vaccine mandatory or voluntary

Today, a year after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the lives of millions of people depend on coronavirus vaccination. And while many around the...
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Spain plans to limit Christmas gatherings to 6 people and impose a curfew at...

The Government of Spain proposes limiting family and social gatherings at Christmas to six people, and decreeing a night curfew between 1 and 6...