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The Renaissance Dam .. Sudan requires it to receive filling information before any negotiations

Sudan announced, on Thursday, that it will not engage in any talks on the Renaissance Dam, which do not include all the points related...

Sudan considers the continuation of the construction of the “Renaissance Dam” without an agreement...

The Sudanese government announced, on Wednesday, that the construction of the Ethiopian "Renaissance Dam" will continue in the absence of a binding legal agreement,...

Tunisia.. who resigned from “Al-Nahda”, do they pose a threat to it? (analysis)

131 members of the Tunisian "Ennahda" movement (Islamic and democratic) announced their resignation from its structures, including historical leaders, members of the Shura Council,...

Ethiopia’s “evasive” statements do not bode well for reaching an agreement on the dam

Commenting on the talk of one of Ethiopia's negotiators about "securing Addis Ababa's water interests first before signing any agreement." The Egyptian Foreign Minister confirmed,...

For “financial reasons” .. the Ethiopian embassy in Cairo temporarily suspends its work (media)

The Ethiopian ambassador to Egypt, Marcos Tekele, announced, on Sunday, that it was decided to temporarily suspend the work of the embassy in Cairo...
The Ethiopian Renaissance Dam faces endless threats

The Ethiopian Renaissance Dam faces endless threats

Ethiopia's Foreign Minister, Demke Mekonen, said that the Renaissance Dam "faced endless threats", expressing his hope that the negotiations would lead to a win-win...

An Egyptian study warns of the collapse of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

A recent Egyptian study warned of the possibility of the "collapse" of the Ethiopian Renaissance dam, doubting the ability of Addis Ababa to complete...

The Renaissance Dam negotiations will resume soon

The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, whose country holds the presidency of the African Union, Felix Tshisekedi, announced on Tuesday that...
Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi-Egypt calls for a comprehensive legal agreement on the Ethiopia dam "as soon as possible"

Egypt calls for a comprehensive legal agreement on the Ethiopian Renaissance dam “as soon...

The Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, called for reaching “as soon as possible” a comprehensive and legally binding agreement on the operation and filling...

“Renaissance Dam” .. Tunisia surprised by Ethiopia’s response to the statement of the Security...

Tunisia expressed its astonishment at Ethiopia's response to the presidential statement of the UN Security Council on the "Renaissance Dam" negotiations, which are disputed...

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