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Erdogan denounces the attack on a mosque in Roman Cyprus

Erdogan denounces the attack on a mosque in Roman Cyprus

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the attack on a mosque in the southern part of the island of Cyprus, describing it as a...
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The Kremlin responds to Sandu about the withdrawal of the Russian military from Transnistria

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the demand of the President-elect of Moldova, Maia Sandu, to withdraw the Russian peacekeepers...
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HIMARS against Crimea – can American missiles reach the peninsula?

On November 24, the US destroyer John McCain violated the Russian maritime border and plunged two kilometers into the waters of Peter the Great...
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Maia Sandu is still looking for “that one” special for her

Maia Sandu, the newly elected President of Moldova, is a very reserved politician, speaks little, and is streamlined. So far, you cannot make a...
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Cyprus, Egypt, and Greece form an alliance over the Mediterranean rule, they aim to...

The head of the Romanian Southern Cyprus Administration, Nicos Anastasiades, met, on Wednesday, with the Egyptian Presidents Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Greek, Kyriakos...
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Turkey proves the false claims of Greece that it has an invisible submarine

By taking pictures of it, the Turkish naval forces proved false claims made by Greece about its possession of an "invisible" submarine. And security sources...
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Malta seems closer to Turkey than Italy, both discuss Eastern Mediterranean region

The Turkish Foreign Minister affirmed that Turkey and Malta share their opinion on regional issues, including the situation in Libya. This came in statements of...
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US worried about increased activity of Russian submarines in Atlantic

The US military noted an increase in the activity of the Russian submarine fleet in the Atlantic. At the end of 2019, the Russian...
Armenia declares Russia a hostile state

Romania officially declares Russia an enemy state

Romania officially declares Russia a hostile state. This provision is sanctified in the national security strategy of the republic, adopted for the period from...

Spain’s Pedro Sanchez and his fight with corona numbers

The Spanish government reported signs of relaxation for days, but from Thursday to Friday the number of new infections rose again. A dispute between...

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