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Less than a week after the Taliban’s control, Afghan women are disappearing from view

Dr. Zohal used to drive herself to work. But since the weekend, she has been taking a taxi to avoid reprisals from the Taliban, who...
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The Faroe Islands and the United States strengthen their friendship

The Faroe Islands and the United States have signed a declaration of co-operation that sets the framework for increased bilateral co-operation between the two...
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Partnership between Ukraine and the United States – Yelchenko on what will be the...

The strategic partnership between the United States of America and Ukraine will be strengthened regardless of who wins the US presidential election. This was...
Viktor Orban: Those who spread fake news about Hungary should apologize!

Hungary: President Victor Orban says he’ll deal with people who rumor around

According to Viktor Orban, in recent weeks we have witnessed an “unprecedented attack and disinformation campaign against Hungary. At a time when we are...
Right-wing extremism Ministries doubt AfD officials

Right-wing extremism: Ministries doubt AfD officials

several federal states, the state governments have doubts about the reliability of AfD officials. What is meant are those civil servants who belong to the...

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