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Short-time work announced in Marienhaus clinics

MAINZ / WALDBREITBACH - The Marienhaus group of companies, which includes 20 clinics and 22 senior care facilities, mainly in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, announced...

Already twelve panels closed in Rhineland-Palatinate

MAINZ - The corona virus also hits the tablets in Rhineland-Palatinate hard. Two weeks ago, the state association reported significant declines in donations due...

Supermarkets remain closed over Easter

MAINZ » supermarkets and other shops for daily needs are no longer allowed to open in Rhineland-Palatinate on Sundays and public holidays. Because of...

Saar nursing homes are also affected by corona infections

Saarbrucken » A number of corona infections are also counted in some nursing homes in Saarland. The Saarbrucken Regional Association reported on Monday evening...

Saarland increases beds with ventilation options

Saarbruecken / St. Ingbert - In the Corona crisis, Saarland wants to increase the number of intensive care beds with ventilation capacity to 1,000....

The increase in corona infections weakens somewhat

MAINZ - For a month now, the public in Rhineland-Palatinate has been looking forward to the daily number of cases of the spread of...

Protection of the population remains “imperative of the hour”

SaarbrUcken - The Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) believes that protecting the population is a top priority in the fight against the corona...

Rehlinger for opening the border as soon as possible

Saarbrucken - Saarland's Minister for Economic Affairs, Anke Rehlinger (SPD), has spoken out in favor of lifting the border controls and border closures imposed...

Saarland decides to help social service providers

Saarbrucken - The Saarland state government decided on Tuesday financial aid for social service companies. Carriers of workshops for people with disabilities, daycare centers,...

Bavaria and Saarland extend exit restrictions

Munich (TEH) - The exit restrictions in Bavaria that have applied since March 21 due to the coronavirus will be extended until the end...

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