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Global potable water problems

Of course, water is needed for everyone’s life in the world – be it a member of Homo sapiens or any other species. Without...
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The Zelensky administration named a way to return Crimea to Ukraine

In order for Ukraine to return Crimea, it is first necessary to "return" the sympathy of the people living in the republic. Serhiy Kunitsyn,...
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They completed an operation to search for symptomatic cases of coronavirus in La Banda

Personnel from different areas of the Municipality of La Banda carried out this Tuesday a new raking operation of possible Covid-19 events in the Central...
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Why we shall continue with the idea of ‘AtmaNirbhar’ Bharat: Emphasizing Smart Villages parallel...

One fundamental fact about reorganizing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 was the obtrusive rural-urban disparities. The framers...
‘Stay at Home,’ but Home is Away: Plight of Migrant Workers

India: ‘Stay at home’ but home is away: plight of migrant workers

As of now, social distancing has proved as the most effective strategy to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Adherence to it necessitated the implementation...