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Why countries led by women have coped better with COVID-19 ?

The coronavirus pandemic has hurt all countries, but different states have been able to cope with the coronavirus in their own way. Have countries...
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A Danish chef and father of a family formed the North Korean arms trade

North Korea's illegal arms trade is among those caught on film by Danish chef and father Ulrich Larsen. Larsen spied on North Korea's trade...
Dr Mike Ryan, WHO chief executive

WHO praises Swedish approach to coronavirus: “It’s a model for the future”

Dr Mike Ryan, WHO chief executive, firmly defended the approach of this Scandinavian country, which has come under criticism from the public for the...

Easter weekend brings summer temperatures – Mannheim morning

Offenbach (TEH) - The Easter holidays are mostly warm and sunny. It is only supposed to get a little cooler and raining on Monday,...
Police protection for disinfection companies

Coronavirus: Police protection for disinfection companies

"I will probably never forget February 27," Bo Eriksen told a reporter from the Norwegian radio NRK on Friday. On this day, the first...

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