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Larry Allen Clay Jr.-police-minor-rape-50-dollar

She charged $ 50 to let the police chief rape her stepdaughter

A resident of Fayette County, West Virginia (USA), has pleaded guilty to being involved in the sex trafficking of a minor, allowing her to...

Sex.. 10 dishes from humiliation to cocktails are growing in popularity in Britain

The British have been diligent in "traveling indoors" during the epidemic, according to a survey conducted by Mattress Next Day, which shows that many...

A new trend in the dating world – “The Roaching”

A new concept has been defined within the dating world as "roaching". The concept, or trend as News.au calls it, refers to when a...

Women of Afghanistan… Fear of losing their acquired rights after the Taliban’s return to...

With the Taliban's return to power, fears are mounting that Afghan women will lose many of the freedoms they gained since 2001. Human Rights Watch...

Indonesian army cancels virginity test

This week, the Indonesian military decided to exclude a number of tests that were not carried out for recruitment purposes, including the "virginity test"...
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10 Tips For Dating After Divorce In Your 30’s

It’s time. You have grieved enough, spent time rediscovering yourself, gained confidence, and feel ready to jump into the world of dating. Dating after...

Lady Gaga in the topless edition made the fans crazy

American singer Lady Gaga (34) posed in a sexy edition for the new campaign of her cosmetics brand and thus delighted fans around the...
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The most common lies of teenagers

Many teenagers during this period have a problem communicating with their parents. Both because of puberty, and because of some new situations in which...
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Marilyn Monroe – the fascinating life of the actress comes to Netflix

Perhaps the name Norma Jeane Baker does not sound in your head, but just by saying Marilyn, we already draw the figure of the...
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Borat 2, the movie that maybe we need right now

As an artist of improvisation, performance, and an awkward kind of humor that isn't for everyone, Borat –The unexpected hit of 2006 that changed...

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