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Russian ground forces to participate in nine international exercises in 2021

Russian ground forces plan to participate in nine military exercises with foreign forces in 2021, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Friday. Russia plans to...
Huawei: Washington needs to reconsider trade bans

Huawei: Washington needs to reconsider trade bans

The Chinese company "Huawei" announced today that its supply chain was attacked by the United States and called on Washington to reconsider its trade...
Shanghai to Jalandhar - What can we learn from China?

Shanghai to Jalandhar – What can we learn from China?

I stay and work in Shanghai, China. It was a week before the Chinese New Year Holidays that we first heard about the new...

The Corona fire department beckons with the antibody donation

What hope is there in these days? The infection tables and death statistics offer little comfort, on the contrary, and the "exit" calls do...

Coronavirus, the latest updates from Italy and the World

From tomorrow in the main Italian cities, many parks will be closed: several mayors and governors have decided with ad hoc ordinances, given that...
corona increase in germany is more worrisome problem than politics

Corona increase in Germany is more worrisome problem than Politics

The Robert Koch Institute has more than 90,000 people infected with corona. There are more every hour. When this text appears, the 100,000 marks should be...
In Shanghai Macron calls for European play against China scaled e1582195816802

In Shanghai, Macron calls for “European play” against China

In full commercial rivalry between Washington and Beijing, Emmanuel Macron began his second visit to China on Monday, calling on Europeans to speak and...