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Sheikh Hasina Wazed is a Bangladeshi politician. Elected 3rd time consecutively as Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina is the daughter of Bangladesh’s first President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. She is a member of the Bangladesh Awami League.

Born: 28 September 1947

Ahmadiyya muslims attack terrorist Netrakona bangaldesh PM sheikh Hasin

Exclusive: Ahmadiyya Muslims in Bangladesh again attacked by radical Islamists

Right after the Friday prayer in the afternoon, more than 400 goons of Jamat-e-Islami Bangladesh attacked and vandalized a mosque of Ahmadiyya Muslims in...
Bangladesh ex-chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha facing persecution SK Sinha, S. K. Sinha, Hindu persecution

Is Bangladesh’s ex-chief justice evading justice or facing persecution?

The only Hindu Chief Justice of Bangladesh, Surendra Kumar Sinha was dismissed. Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina's rule.
China is Picketing India from All Sides. Failure of India's Foreign Policy

China is Picketing India from All Sides. Failure of India’s Foreign Policy

After Pakistan and Nepal, China's eyes are in Bangladesh. Indian rupee is banned in Nepal. Indian foreign policy needs a serious update.
Shame on Sidhu; Deadliest Valentine's Gift from Pakistan in Pulwama

Shame on Sidhu; Deadliest Valentine’s Gift from Pakistan in Pulwama

Pakistan's State sponsored cross border Terrorism. Navjot Sidhu and Imran Khan's romantic relations made India pay a huge price in Pulwama.
Attack on India: HAMAS, Sheikh Hasina and Pakistani Jihad on Kashmir

Attack on India: HAMAS, Sheikh Hasina and Pakistani Jihad in Kashmir

Sequential attack on Indian armed forces and Ahmadiyya Muslims is claimed by Jaish-e-Muhammad backed by Hamas and ISIS. Sheikh Hasina is ISIS and Hamas ally.

The US Administrative Action on Bangladesh; Threat to Democracy

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and December 30 general elections are in questions. Bangladesh Democracy is in Danger; a letter to Mike Pompeo.
Heroes and Missions of Radical Islamist and Terrorist group Khatm-e-Nabuwat

Khatm-e-Nabuwat group is the root cause of Terrorism and ISIS

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is attacked by ISIS and Khatm-e-Nabuwat in Bangladesh. Human Rights and Freedom of religion is on stake.
Sheikh Hasina's Midnight Hospitality to Hefazat-e-Islam kingping Shah Ahmad Shafi

ISIS Attacks Ahmadiyyas in Bangladesh; Wake Up Sheikh Hasina

ISIS took the responsibility of attack on Ahmadiyyas Muslims in Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina is trying to protect the Islamist Groups.
Ahmadiyya Attacked by Pro Caliphate Islamist Groups in Bangladesh

Pro-Caliphate Islamist Group Attacks Ahmadiyya: Law Enforcement Supports

Ahmadiyya Attacked by Radical Islamist Pro-Caliphate groups in Bangladesh. Ahmadiyya Shops looted and Ahmadis are assaulted. Authorities remained silent.

Blitz newspaper website is still BLOCKED in Bangladesh

Blitz newspaper website is banned in Bangladesh under the command of Sheikh Hasina government. The Eastern Herald group will always protect free speech.