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Sudan..smuggling 267 tons of gold in 7 years

A UN African report revealed, on Tuesday, that Sudan lost about 267 tons of gold in 7 years through smuggling. This came according to what...
Iraq.. The "looted money conference" concluded with the issuance of 18 recommendations

Iraq.. The “looted money conference” concluded with the issuance of 18 recommendations

The "International Conference for the Recovery of Stolen Funds" concluded in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, after two days of deliberations, which ended with the...

Sales of Iraqi “treasures” of Sumer and Babylon on the Internet

Hundreds of dollars are enough to buy a Sumerian clay tablet dating back to three thousand years BC, through the "Live Auctions" site, and...

Corruption extended for years and a “safe exit” in the battles… How did the...

The 350,000 Afghan soldiers were not enough to stop the advance of Taliban fighters to the capital, Kabul, which they entered on Sunday, while...

Oil smuggling in Libya: from oil depots to ISIS. Society suffers from chaos

The state of the health system in Libya, which has always been effective, is now in a very critical situation. Several hospitals were closed,...

From smuggling money to raising pets, the private conversations of ISIS members on “Telegram”

A report by Foreign Policy magazine revealed the digital world of ISIS women in the camps, and the most important topics they discuss in...
Social crimes and mafia and/or mafia type organizations

Social crimes and mafia and/or mafia type organizations

In every society, there are some forms of social crimes ranging from minor to major such as from theft to robbery to drug, human...

Dominica helping in smuggling of billions of dollars out of India

Dominica, a Caribbean island country is infamous for years for selling citizenship and even diplomatic positions to various individuals, including criminals and fugitives. In...
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Transnational gold smuggling questions the purity of gold

In India Gold is part of culture, sign of prosperity, symbol of wealth, and is part and parcel of life. The demand for the...

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