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From the Middle East to India… “Pegasus” puts women at increased risk

Echoes of the alleged use of spyware against dissidents and activists around the world continue after tech experts and victims said dozens of women...
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Russia says it has carried out a computer attack on the Norwegian parliament

The Norwegian authorities have come to the conclusion that Russia has attacked the computer system of the Norwegian parliament this summer. Norwegian Foreign Minister...
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A Danish chef and father of a family formed the North Korean arms trade

North Korea's illegal arms trade is among those caught on film by Danish chef and father Ulrich Larsen. Larsen spied on North Korea's trade...
Uyghur Muslims file case against chinese communits party in international criminal court crime against humanity. world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Uyghur Muslims finally dragged Chinese Communist Party to ICC for their crimes against humanity

A group of Uyghur Muslims residing outside China has filed a complaint against China with the International Criminal Court, to investigate crimes against humanity...
Itinerary of a team of killers in the service of Russian military intelligence e1582754442899

Itinerary of a team of “killers” in the service of Russian military intelligence

A small unit of Russian spy-assassins has been operating in Europe since at least 2015. Their works stretch from Sofia to Salisbury, where ex-double agent...

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