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UNHRC Resolution Against Sri Lanka

The recently concluded 46th Session of the UNHRC ended with 22 nations voting in favor of a UN resolution against Sri Lanka. The resolution- “Promoting...
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Burqa Ban in Sri Lanka for National Security

Sri Lanka's announcement of banning the burqa and shutting 1000s of madrasas comes at the heels of the 2nd anniversary of the 2019 Easter...
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Russian ground forces to participate in nine international exercises in 2021

Russian ground forces plan to participate in nine military exercises with foreign forces in 2021, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Friday. Russia plans to...

American Oncology Institute wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award...

American Oncology Institute (AOI) the leading cancer care provider in South Asia has been awarded the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Award for its Competitive...
India ODI Journey

India’s ODI Journey: ‘Home versus Away’ Results and Team Formation Ploys

Altering the team’s conventional format, which is “6 batsmen–1 wicket-keeper–4 bowlers” (6-1-4) by the captains of a different era has been a familiar occurrence...

Revolt – Nadav Eyal on losers of globalization

Nadav Eyal portrays losers from globalization. The Israeli journalist is more general, but there is no doubt that he has many interesting stories to...
Corona south-asia-is-arming-itself-for-the-corona-wave

Corona: South Asia is arming itself for the corona wave

Now the Indian government has put her country in an artificial coma. For the next three weeks, a good 1.3 billion Indians are no longer...