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Turkish Cypriot President: We will not allow our ties with Ankara to be severed

The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, stressed that his country will not allow its ties with Turkey to be...
UAE sends humanitarian support to Ethiopia - 46 tons of food and health supplies

UAE sends humanitarian support to Ethiopia – 46 tons of food and health...

On Thursday, the UAE sent an aid plane containing 46 tons of food and health supplies to Ethiopia, as part of the support for...

Turkey calls on the international community to end the tragedy of the Syrians

Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister, Sedat Onal, said that the international community has a joint responsibility to end the tragedy of the Syrians, reports the...

Will France compensate the Algerians for the grave damage that continues to this day...

The effects of the secret nuclear tests that France conducted in Algeria for more than 60 years are still present in the lives of...
Because of "electronic blackmail" ... the high suicide rate among Yazidis

Because of “electronic blackmail” … the high suicide rate among Yazidis

An organization specialized in documenting the situation of the Yazidis said, on Sunday, that the recent suicides in the Yazidi camps in Iraq are...
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Sedition acts and their relevance

Of course, sedition or the crime that consists of any attempt short of treason to excite hostility against the government — or more commonly,...
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Trump’s refusal to sign bill threatens devastating consequences

President-elect Biden demanded that incumbent President Trump immediately sign a bill on an economic aid package to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic....
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Vaccine Leak: Pharma Mafia set to swindle the world with Covid vaccine

Belgium's minister, Eva De Bleeker published a tweet on Twitter exposing the price list of different COVID-19 vaccines available worldwide. It seems that she...

Cinderella Syndrome is the key enemy of today’s India

In just eleven years, Sheikh Hasina has transformed an economically challenged Bangladesh into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. But, on the...
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COVID-19, our most challenging teacher

According to some genetic studies of COVID-19 samples, scientists suggest that COVID-19 emerged in China a year ago. However, Chinese authorities only informed the...