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Sapna Choudhary: “Big Boss is a VIP Jail”, “Nepotism is curse to the industry”

Sapna Choudhary, an alluring Haryanvi dance performer, known for her stage performances, began her journey from Ragini dance Orchestra facing hurdles to nationwide acknowledgment...
Dutch philosopher and historian Luuk van Middelaar

Netherlands : Europe’s cohesion also strengthens in the crisis

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the European Union has been subjected to harsh criticism. The Confederation of States is too unsound, it...

Budinger Klinik thanks a wave of sympathy

After the Budinger Capio Mathilden-Hospital called for help, the clinic received a great wave of encouragement and support from the population, for which the...

Ajax Amsterdam: The moving story of Abdelhak Nouri

His son suffered a cardiac arrest, he suffered permanent brain damage from the resuscitation, today he is a case of care - does the...
Activism in the corona crisis: Occupy via livestream

Activism in the corona crisis: Occupy via livestream

"Feel at home," says the young activist to his two colleagues after he has just unlocked the door to an apartment in Berlin's Schillerkiez....

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