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Why Is Teaching Such A Good Career Choice?

When you watch or read the news or speak to those who don’t know firsthand, you might be forgiven for thinking that teaching is...

Morocco .. an electronic campaign to adopt English in education instead of French

Activists from Morocco launched an electronic campaign to adopt English instead of French in education, describing the latter as "shabby". This came in posts and...

Professional, personal, family and social life

Professional life is an integral part of life. After a certain age, human beings become engaged with professional activities, not only for financial income...
Critical thinking and its significance

Critical thinking and its significance

Critical thinking is very important for everyone — students, employees, employers, mass people and others. It helps everyone to think creatively — or outside...
Pandit Sadhu Ram Ji Qadian School

Pandit Sadhu Ram Ji

Moderately tall and lanky, aged about sixty, slightly dusky and dark-complexioned, having a thinly haired head, gifted with a voice ranged between bass and...
Caliph of Islam blesses auxiliary body of Ahmadiyya Muslims elderly people in Bangladesh via virtual meet

Caliph of Islam blesses auxiliary body of Ahmadiyya Muslims elderly people in Bangladesh via...

On 16 January 2021, the National Majlis-e-Amila (Executive) of Majlis Ansarullah Bangladesh (Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association) and regional leaders were granted a virtual official...
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How to learn a new language

Are you interested in taking up another language? A recent study published by the European Commission revealed that 62% of British people can only...
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US holds secret military exercises to work out a possible response from the Russian...

This Friday, October 23, secret military exercises under the command of the US Armed Forces ended in Germany. Stars and Stripes reported about it. The...
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Teaching Diverse Learners how to Write :Trends and Issues

Functional literacy UNESCO brought out  the issue of functional literacy in the 1950s to achieve the level of literacy as a ‘craft’ and it referred to...

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