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The Daesh (ISIS) praises the killings of French humanitarians

The Daesh (ISIS) praises the killings of French humanitarians in Nigeria

AVIP carried out a rapid attack in the Koura area southwest of the Nigerian capital Niamey Daesh (ISIS) praised its West African branch "AVIP" for...
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The Uighur Muslims… who cares?

We’ve all heard about the severest human-rights crisis in the world, i.e. the arbitrary detention of millions or even more Uighur Muslims in straggling...
daesh isis afghanistan terrorist attack killed 20 men in prison in jalalabad, afghanistan news, isis terrorism in afghanistan, terror news, world news, military news, prisoners killed by isis in jalalabad prison afghanistan, world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Daesh terrorists kill at least 20 in a prison in Afghanistan

The Afghan authorities rose today to 20 dead and 42 wounded victims of the bombing Sunday of the group jihadist Daesh (ISIS, its acronym...
Ukrainian President Zelensky and media hesitate to call him a terrorist, ukraine news, terrorist in ukraine, terrorism news, terrorist hyjacked a bus, explosives in ukraine, world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Ukrainian President Zelensky hesitates to call him a terrorist, media shows the soft corner...

An armed terrorist with explosives kidnapped a group of about 20 people on board in the city of Lutsk, located in the western part...
Mavlut Turkey Malta Evarist Bartolo eastern Mediterranean, turkey news, malta news, medditerranean conflict, war in sea, africa news, europe news, turkey malta relations, turkey malta coallition, italy turkey malta, world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Malta seems closer to Turkey than Italy, both discuss Eastern Mediterranean region

The Turkish Foreign Minister affirmed that Turkey and Malta share their opinion on regional issues, including the situation in Libya. This came in statements of...
Turkey defends Azerbaijan against Armenian aggression, turkey news, azerbaijan news, armenia news, azerbaijan-armenia dispute, azeria defence news, armenia defence news, world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Armenian armed aggression against Azerbaijan, Turkey stands with Azerbaijan

The Turkish Minister of Defense confirmed that his country will continue to stand with Azerbaijan against the continuous attacks by Armenia. This came in a...
transnational internatioal gold smuggling racket transnational gold smuggling in india gold smuggling worldwide gold smuggling racket in India purity of gold gold purity smuggling world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Transnational gold smuggling questions the purity of gold

In India Gold is part of culture, sign of prosperity, symbol of wealth, and is part and parcel of life. The demand for the...

Terrorists outfits are imposing a “Kurdish identity” on Syrian residents

The International Syriac Council (WCA - World Council of Arameans) confirmed that the terrorist organization "CBK / BKKA" continues its plans to convert northern...
Sajid Mir-Hafiz Saeed from Pakistan - Mumbai terrorist attack in India; The Eastern Herald News

India seeks “mastermind” of the Mumbai terrorist attacks from Pakistan

India is seeking the extradition of a senior Pakistani militant suspected of plotting the Mumbai attacks in 2008 after the United States said last...
Abdul Rahim Al-Mismari terrorist persecuted in Egypt; The Eastern Herald news

Egypt executes death sentence in Al-Mismari, “The mastermind of the Oasis massacre”

The Egyptian authorities announced on Saturday the execution of a Libyan militant who had been convicted earlier of carrying out an attack targeting Egyptian...

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