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Customized and Effective Onsite Wound Care Lowers Patient Risk

Customized and Effective Onsite Wound Care Lowers Patient Risk

After weeks, and sometimes even months, some wounds simply do not heal. These wounds, often referred to as chronic wounds, require a little bit...

Triple combination of antivirals tested to treat COVID-19

Developing a medication is a long process. It begins with the identification of therapeutic targets, to find the appropriate compounds to treat them. Once...
Skin infection due to nCOVID-19

Study reveals 5 manifestations of COVID-19 on the skin

Until now, the skin manifestations caused by the new coronavirus have gone unnoticed. However, recently, a work published in the British Journal of Dermatology,...
India : Challenges and Issues for Special Needs Children

India : Overcoming obstacles of special needs children and Indian government policies

Before the world can change its perception of 'special needs', one needs to understand what the term means and how children with special needs...

Need a hospital protective shield

BAD KREUZNACH - In our reporting on the corona situation in the district, we mentioned on Saturday that the Augusta Rehabilitation Clinic in Kurhausstrasse...
In times of the corona virus, respiratory masks become a sought-after commodity

Coronavirus protective masks: USA winning crazy bidding of masks in EU

The coronavirus causes exceptional conditions worldwide. From China, the pathogen initially spread primarily to Europe. Italy and Spain were particularly hard hit. Now, however,...

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