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Coronavirus News: Meuse - No normal vacation season - politics

Germany: Meuse – No normal vacation season during Corona season

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) assumes that the normal summer vacation will be canceled this year due to the Corona crisis. "There won't be...

Revolt – Nadav Eyal on losers of globalization

Nadav Eyal portrays losers from globalization. The Israeli journalist is more general, but there is no doubt that he has many interesting stories to...
Corona crisis - barracked in the refugee camp

Corona crisis – barracked in the refugee camp

Ellwangen, of all people, of all those refugee camps in the Ostalb district in Wurttemberg that made headlines in May 2018. At that time,...

Cycling star and team manager: Olaf Ludwig turns 60

Gera - celebrated Olympic champion from Seoul, celebrated as a sports star in the GDR and later as a team manager another stripper in...

Bundesliga back on the training ground

Frankfurt / Main » The Bundesliga clubs are largely back on the training ground - in small groups under the strictest official requirements. However, some...

Corona virus crisis: debate about mask requirement

Berlin - Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is once again consulting with the Prime Ministers of the federal states on the fight against the coronavirus...

Will the mask soon be mandatory for everyone?

Mannheim. Austria introduces a mandatory mask when shopping. What do masks bring and do we have to expect such a duty in the future?...

AfD: Hocke calls for the cessation of “wing” activities

It is now official: The “wing” in the AfD, which the Constitutional Protection Service classifies as right-wing extremists, meets the demands of the party...
Right-wing extremism Ministries doubt AfD officials

Right-wing extremism: Ministries doubt AfD officials

several federal states, the state governments have doubts about the reliability of AfD officials. What is meant are those civil servants who belong to the...
Thuringia re-elects left wing state Leader Bodo Ramelow

Thuringia re-elects left wing state leader Bodo Ramelow

Bodo Ramelow has been re-elected: A long game that ended in the well-known drama with a prime minister elected by the AfD and the case...