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The IMF expects the Argentine economy to fall 11.8% in 2020

In line with private screenings and even your own government, which are even somewhat more pessimistic, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) worsened the estimates...
In Switzerland companies will pay part of the rent for teleworkers. Supreme Court, Switzerland, Pandemic, Trade union, Employment, Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, Coronavirus, Renting, Labour law,

In Switzerland companies will pay part of the rent for teleworkers

The Swiss Supreme Court decided that the country's companies must pay part of the rent for employees who work from their homes at the...
The Discourse of 'Precariat Struggle' in World Democracy.

Opinion : The discourse of ‘Precariat Struggle’ in world democracy

During the 1970s, the idea behind the neo-liberal strategies was the development of flexible labour-market. The central plank behind neo-liberalism was the maximum competition...
labour union verdi and fridays for future struggle for climate

Labour union, Verdi and Fridays for Future struggle for Climate

What a clever move: At the upcoming Verdi collective bargaining round for public transport workers, the union is for the first time combining their...
climate and industrial action needs to be combined

Climate and industrial action needs to be Combined

The connection is not unusual for environmental activists, but it is definitely new territory for trade unionists. "Climate protection? Count me in. My train is full every...

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