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Concerning South China Sea disputes

Concerning South China Sea disputes

As is well-known, South China Sea disputes are a territorial dispute among several countries including China, Taiwan, Brunei, the Philippines and Malaysia. But the...
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A new escalation of the US-China trade war

China has introduced strict new laws restricting the export of "controlled items." The rules primarily apply to exports of military technology and other products that...
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Why Biden’s US Election Victory Could Have Negative Implications for the EU

While voices are still counted in America after the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Europe is already beginning to develop a new strategy for cooperation...
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Moscow increases foreign trade in EU by exchanging Dollars for Euros

The dollar is gradually losing its advantage in Russia's trade operations with foreign partners. In particular, according to Bloomberg, in export settlements with China,...
Washington, Beijing close to "new cold war edge" says Chinese FM Wang Yi

Washington and Beijing close to “new cold war edge” says Chinese FM Wang Yi

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned Sunday that his country and the United States are approaching a "new cold war edge", expressing regret over...
The Kremlin is not a social security

“The Kremlin is not a social security for you”

Almost 11 thousand new patients with coronavirus are detected daily in the Russian Federation, and their total number almost doubles every three days. At...
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China and the US pledged to implement the trade agreement

Trade representatives from China and the United States agreed on Friday to implement the trade agreement signed in January, official sources said, despite mounting tensions over the new coronavirus pandemic.

Revolt – Nadav Eyal on losers of globalization

Nadav Eyal portrays losers from globalization. The Israeli journalist is more general, but there is no doubt that he has many interesting stories to...
How Corona virus may stop hate across the globe

Hope Corona virus may stop hate across the globe

­The entire world shatters today at the behest of a deadly pandemic virus, the Covid-19. It had a cakewalk journey across the globe on...

Eavesdropping at Beijing-Washington ‘Secret Talk’

Beijing-Washington talks were eavesdropped hearing, “Let us divide the world into two halves. You keep the east and let the west remain with me....