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Tessa Ganserer, Germany’s first transgender MP moves into the Bundestag

Tessa Ganserer will be the first transgender politician to enter the next Bundestag(Germany's federal parliament). "Tessa Ganserer is safe in there," said a spokeswoman...

Protests in Georgia protesting the killing of a TV cameraman

Thousands of people demonstrated in Georgia on Sunday to demand the government's resignation after a TV cameraman was shot and killed by far-right activists...
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Human Rights violation for the sake of Women’s Rights – Domestic Violence and the...

Ever since the imposition of lockdown, domestic violence or "violent behavior or aggression against a spouse/partner" is on the rise in India. The spike...
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France elects the first shemale Mayor for Tillois-le-Marcienne town – Marie Cau

The first transgender shemale mayor in France emerged in the small town of Tillois-le-Marcienne, replacing his/her predecessor, who had been at the head of...
exclusive interview of Prof. Sinha

“The Curious Case of Male Molestation and Activism”- In a conversation with Prof. Satyabrat...

"Yeh Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Kya?" asked the policeman. It roughly translates into "Is it possible for this to take place as well?" The surprise he...

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