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McConnell: There is no chance that Trump will have a fair trial before Biden is sworn in

McConnell: There is no chance that Trump will have a fair trial before Biden...

Mitch McConnell, the leader of the majority in the US Senate, after the vote to recall Donald Trump in the House of Representatives, said...
The biggest mafia trial in Italy in the last three decades

Great trial of the mafia in Italy, 350 people in court

The largest mafia trial in Italy in three decades begins today, and 900 witnesses will testify against more than 350 people, including politicians and...
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Trump’s case in Pennsylvania described as meaningless and dismissed

The Philadelphia Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit filed by US President Donald Trump's lawyers with the aim of changing the outcome of...

How to invest in a Covid-19 vaccine and should you do it?

Attempting to navigate your way through the swathes of misinformation surrounding the coronavirus and a potential vaccine that exists online can be a challenging...
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India completes Coronavirus vaccine Covaxin testing

India has embarked on a third and final phase of clinical vaccine trials against the coronavirus Covaxin. The drug was developed by Bharat Biotech...
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Trial of the last leaders of the terrorist organization ETA

The last known leader of the Basque terrorist organization ETA will appear before a judge in France today where he is accused of participating...
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Argentina will carry out clinical trials of the Russian vaccine in the population

Faced with the current coronavirus pandemic, more than 160 vaccines are being developed against SARS-CoV-2 around the world, hoping to bring one to market...
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Russia hopes to register world’s first covid-19 vaccine in 10 days

The Russian Direct Investment Fund hopes that one of the new coronavirus vaccines developed in that country will be registered within 10 days, according...
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More difficult than we think .. Who should get the Corona vaccine first?

Who should get the Corona vaccine first? It is a question that worries both ethics and medicine. Some see that the priority in getting...
India: The Supreme Court will hear a petition on June 2 to replace the word "India" with "Bharat"

India: The Supreme Court will hear a petition on June 2 to replace the...

Supreme Court to hear the petition on June 2, in which the central government has demanded to be directed to Bharat or Hindustan place...