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Historical perspectives: Asian flu vs. Coronavirus – different times and similar problems

In times of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 pandemic stretched across continents, it is worth noting, that given current concerns about the spreading coronavirus, that...

Brazil: the government sends the Supreme Court a video that could incriminate Bolsonaro

The Brazilian government, on Friday, handed over key video evidence for an investigation to the Supreme Court that seeks to find out if President...
The Israeli Supreme Court rejects appeals to prevent Netanyahu from forming a governing coalition

The Israeli Supreme Court rejects appeals to prevent Netanyahu from forming a governing coalition

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that charges of corruption against Benjamin Netanyahu did not prevent him from forming a coalition government, paving...
Israel: The deadline has passed - politics

Israel: The deadline has passed – politics

The opposition leader and the prime minister have another 48 hours to negotiate. This would allow Israel to get around the fourth election in...

Frodeno collects over 200,000 euros

Girona - Mario Gotze almost felt guilty. Boris Becker couldn't believe it. And Felix Neureuther felt like a debut as a triathlete. Jan Frodeno also...

Sailors, masks, machinations: the 1964 Tokyo Games

Berlin - Tokyo 1964, Tokyo today, two Olympics: When Jurgen Noldner travels 56 years back in time, it is like a déjà vu for...

New allegations of bribery over World Cup award to Qatar

New York » Two and a half years before the Winter World Cup in Qatar, the controversial host and the world football association FIFA...

One year after Grindel’s resignation: “I made mistakes too”

Frankfurt / Main - Next time he would be smarter. Reinhard Grindel is certain of that. One year after his involuntary resignation as DFB...

Dax is growing significantly again

Frankfurt / Main (TEH) - At the beginning of the sixth week of the Corona crisis, investors in the German stock market have taken...

Bayer accepts comparison of weed killers

Kansas City (TEH) - Bayer has reached a settlement with US class plaintiffs in a legal dispute over the allegedly misleading marketing of weed...

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