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Hoffenheim and Freiburg win, Schiris have no chance

Berlin - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim remained unbeaten even after the 3rd matchday of the “Bundesliga Home Challenge”. The TSG duo with Bundesliga professional Munas...
hatred in football and dietmar hopp absurd struggle

Hatred in football and Dietmar Hopp: absurd Struggle

Maybe one day you will say: This game, that is the 6-0 victory of FC Bayern men against Hoffenheim, told us almost everything about...
discrimination against hoffenheim s hopp results in hate folklore

Discrimination against Hoffenheim’s Hopp results in Hate Folklore

There is excitement in football country. There is talk of the shame of Hoffenheim. Bundesliga games have been interrupted. There is a debate about discrimination in football. There...