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What happens after the Gulf reconciliation?

It can be said that Qatar emerged from the blockade crisis more coherent, strong, and resilient than before, and did not respond to the...
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A Danish chef and father of a family formed the North Korean arms trade

North Korea's illegal arms trade is among those caught on film by Danish chef and father Ulrich Larsen. Larsen spied on North Korea's trade...
Iran Hassan Rouhani, US Sanctions, Economy Iranian News; The Eastern Herald News

Most difficult time for Iran… US economic sanctions and COVID, says Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that his country was experiencing the most difficult year to pass because of the US sanctions that...

Ronaldinho is said to have paid bail with money from Europe

Asuncion - Former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho is said to have withdrawn the money he used for the bail to be released from custody...

New allegations of bribery over World Cup award to Qatar

New York » Two and a half years before the Winter World Cup in Qatar, the controversial host and the world football association FIFA...

Eavesdropping at Beijing-Washington ‘Secret Talk’

Beijing-Washington talks were eavesdropped hearing, “Let us divide the world into two halves. You keep the east and let the west remain with me....

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