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Washington threatens Ethiopia with additional sanctions after expelling UN staff

On Thursday, Washington vowed to impose more sanctions on Ethiopian officials, against the backdrop of Addis Ababa's decision to expel 7 employees working in...

North Korea’s ballistic missile launch is outrageous

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga described North Korea's launch of a ballistic missile as an "outrageous" act, considering it a threat to peace and...

“60 percent enrichment” .. a new pace of Iranian nuclear activity

The International Atomic Energy Agency announced on Tuesday that Iran has put in place a new mechanism to speed up the production of 60...

US sanctions against “red beret” and two Cuban interior officials

On Friday, the United States imposed new sanctions on two high-ranking officials in the Cuban Ministry of the Interior and a military unit, in...

Washington: We will not continue negotiations with Iran

On Thursday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned that negotiations to save the Iranian nuclear deal "cannot continue indefinitely", but added that Washington...

The Taliban controls the most important border crossing between Afghanistan and Iran

On Friday, the Taliban confirmed that they had captured "Islam Qala", the most important Afghan border crossing with Iran, located in the western province...

Report: Raisi’s economic plan in Iran is unrealistic and difficult to achieve

A report by the Atlantic Council, a think tank in Washington, confirmed that the biggest challenge that the new Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, will...
New US sanctions against the Russian national debt entered into force

New US sanctions against the Russian national debt entered into force

US sanctions, prohibiting US financial institutions from buying new Russian ruble-denominated government bonds, came into effect on June 14. The United States announced new sanctions...
AUSTRIA-EU-CHINA-IRAN-NUCLEAR-DIPLOMACY-A sixth round and an "out of reach" agreement... Cautious optimism as the Iranian nuclear talks resume

A sixth round and an “out of reach” agreement… Cautious optimism as the Iranian...

Iran and the United States have made progress on nearly every issue under discussion in their indirect talks over the past two months on...

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