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Advantages of EyeRide Bus Camera and Passenger Counter

Advantages of EyeRide Bus Camera and Passenger Counter

Mobile surveillance cameras from EyeRide help drivers capture images or video of everything around them in stunning clarity as they are on the move....
Global Military Power Index ranking

A new ranking list of the world’s military forces has been published, see where...

Every year since 2006, Global Firepower publishes its annual report and ranking list of national armed forces, from the strongest to the weakest. This...
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Two die in a Major road accident at Sapekhati, Assam

In a major road accident held on December 13 evening at Sapekhati of Sonari under Charaidau district, Assam two died on the spot. According to...
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War in Donbass – Russia violates the ceasefire 4 times

Russian soldiers in Donbass have violated the ceasefire four times since the beginning of the day. The Ukrainian military was not injured, according to the...
See how Tesla's autopilot falls on the test and cuts the "pedestrians" on the road

See how Tesla’s autopilot falls on the test and cuts the “pedestrians” on the...

Tesla's cars have the most advanced autonomous driving system, and at the same time, it is one of the most controversial systems in the...
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Syrian Drones and MLRS destroy the Russian base “Khmeimim”

The Russian military on Friday, August 7, announced the attempts of Syrian militias to attack the military base "Khmeimim". The Ministry of Defense also...
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Understanding the skepticism on Covid-19 precautionary norms

In the midst of dreaded Coronavirus infection surge, with reported community spread of the infection happening in certain states, distance norms vanished with the...
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British Defense Minister Ben Wallace lionizes Turkey’s military support in Libya and Syria

British Minister of Defense, Ben Wallace, said that Turkey's use of domestic drones had changed the "rules of the game" in Libya and Syria. Wallace...
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Armenia-Azerbaijan armed aggression killed a major general and several army men

Seven Azerbaijani army soldiers, including an officer with the rank of major general, were killed during clashes that broke out with the Armenian side...
Near Orekhovo, the invaders fired almost three dozen 120-mm mines

Ukraine: Aggravation in Donbas, fighters hit from heavy mortars, four wounded

The militants of the Russian-occupying forces on Saturday, May 9, fired seven times at Ukrainian positions in the Donbas from heavy mortars, anti-tank missile...