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Near Orekhovo, the invaders fired almost three dozen 120-mm mines

Ukraine: Aggravation in Donbas, fighters hit from heavy mortars, four wounded

The militants of the Russian-occupying forces on Saturday, May 9, fired seven times at Ukrainian positions in the Donbas from heavy mortars, anti-tank missile...
Venezuela: Government announces the arrest of eight new "mercenaries"

Venezuela: Government announces the arrest of eight new “mercenaries”

The Venezuelan authorities arrested eight people on Monday. They were the second group of "mercenaries" who were in a coastal area in the state...
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A German car (Much) more expensive than you think

Most people estimate that the cost or the value of their vehicle is significantly too low. This has consequences that go far beyond your...

Shot at car in Ginsheim with steel bullet

GINSHEIM-GUSTAVSBURG - A driver was shot at suddenly on Easter Sunday in Ginsheim. On Easter Sunday at 12.25 p.m., the 61-year-old woman drove the Rheinstrasse...

Space Tech: Thousands of eyes in the sky to fight COVID-19

The whole world has sunken and virtually paralyzed by the outbreak of SARS-CoV 2 which causes COVID-19. Many pharmaceutical companies are racing amongst each...

Already twelve panels closed in Rhineland-Palatinate

MAINZ - The corona virus also hits the tablets in Rhineland-Palatinate hard. Two weeks ago, the state association reported significant declines in donations due...

Multi-million dollar fraud exposed with breathing masks

Traunstein (TEH) - An international, million-dollar scam with non-existent respiratory masks has been discovered by investigators from Bavaria. The Traunstein public prosecutor's office said...

Cyclist seriously injured in accident in Worms

WORMS - A cyclist was seriously injured in a car accident in Worms-Herrnsheim on Saturday. The 61-year-old from Worms drove the street Am Untertor...
Trump doesn't want to quarantine New York

Trump doesn’t want to quarantine New York

For the time being, US President Donald Trump wants to avoid closing off hotspots like New York. "Quarantine will not be necessary," Trump wrote...

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