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Italy is worried about its summer

Italy is worried about its summer, death of tourism sector

Nothing will be the same at the seaside again this summer. In Italy, people still hope for limited beach operations. A company suggests separating...
Ladies Euroleague Montpellier officially qualified for the quarter finals

Ladies’ Euroleague: Montpellier officially qualified for the Quarter-finals

The basketball players of Montpellier are officially qualified for the quarter-finals of the Euroleague after the package of the Hungarians of Sopron, who refused...
Coronavirus in Italy 3 dead more than 130 cases 52000 people Quarantined scaled e1582479379290

Coronavirus in Italy: 3 dead, more than 130 cases, 52,000 people Quarantined

A first in Europe. Italy announced on Saturday the isolation for about two weeks of a dozen municipalities in northern Italy, after the discovery...