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Biggest Threat: Hamas, Iran, Al-Quds and the advent of Shi'ite Imam al-Mahdi

Iran, and the Terror of Al-Quds following the advent of Shi’ite Imam al-Mahdi

The recent Gaza incident which started with rocket shelling on innocent civilians by Hamas clearly indicates that Hamas is not looking for any peaceful...
A possible agenda behind the campaign against MBS of KSA

A possible nasty agenda behind the campaign against MBS of KSA

A former Israeli minister talked about the possibility of replacing the Saudi crown prince, whom he described as "reckless" Mohammed bin Salman, with Prince...
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US Presidential Election and Russia’s Information Warfare – FBI is investigating the emails provided...

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating whether e-mails provided by US President Donald Trump's personal lawyer were part of Russia's intelligence...
USA & Europe : Why does the West cope poorly with coronavirus?

USA & Europe : Why does the West cope poorly with coronavirus?

Italy and Spain traditionally fall into the top five countries with the most effective health systems in the world. But these same countries are...