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Trump’s Joker could turn US Election Results cunning

Trump continues to sue Democrats over election results, his lawyers still promise to provide "hard evidence" of collusion, and mainstream media tirelessly explain that...
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Georgia is recounting votes as Trump agitates against the results earlier

Recount to be held in Georgia after the US presidential election. State Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced this during a briefing. https://twitter.com/USATODAY/status/1324737915470172160 According to Reuters,...
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US elections – Biden prepares to declare himself president-elect and kick Trump out of...

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden prepares to declare himself president-elect. As writes CNN citing sources at the Democrat's headquarters, he is expected to make an...
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The times you need to keep in mind for the night

Election day has passed in the United States and today the Americans decide whether Donald Trump will remain as president or Joe Biden will...
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US Election – Biden Leads Trump In Swinging States

US presidential candidate Joe Biden is ahead of his Republican rival Donald Trump. in key states, however, the gap between the rivals practically corresponds...
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This is how Trump could work to win the battle against Biden

Voters in several key states could still secure the re-election of US President Donald Trump, despite the fact that Democrat candidate Joe Biden has...
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More than 90 percent of Americans voted early in Election

A record 90 million Americans voted early in the U.S. presidential election, data showed Saturday, as President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe...
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US Presidential Election – Biden Leads Trump in Key States One Week Before Election

Eight days before the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden by-polls in several key states ahead of his rival and Republican candidate Donald...
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Millions of Americans have already voted

Voters in the United States have already cast more than ten million votes in the upcoming November election. This is a much better turnout...
US presidential election: Biden ahead of Trump in three key states - polls

US presidential election: Biden ahead of Trump in three key states – polls

Elections will be held on November 3 A month and a half before the US presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump is lagging behind Democrat...

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