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"Indian hemp" and new markets are Lebanon's agricultural aspirations

“Indian hemp” and new markets are Lebanon’s agricultural aspirations

Lebanon, which is economically, financially, and politically exhausted, is looking to recapture part of its capabilities and wealth, especially those related to the agricultural...

A military meeting of the Gulf states discusses coordination in the field of defense

The Joint Defense Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council discussed, in Riyadh, Monday, coordination in the "defense field", and opened a new headquarters for...

The coalition announces the destruction of 3 booby-trapped marches launched against Saudi Arabia

On Friday evening, the Arab coalition announced the interception and destruction of 3 booby-trapped marches, which were launched towards Saudi Arabia. The coalition stated, in...

Oman regrets the worsening relations of Arab countries with Lebanon and calls on everyone...

The Sultanate of Oman expressed, on Saturday evening, its regret over the worsening relations between Arab countries and Lebanon, calling on everyone to exercise...

Arab isolation and economic collapse… the repercussions of Riyadh’s escalation in Lebanon

The crisis erupted between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, with the latter announcing the withdrawal of its ambassador from Beirut, giving the former’s ambassador to...

Kordahi denies insulting Saudi Arabia and the UAE and calls for an end to...

The Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, announced, on Tuesday evening, that he did not intend to offend Saudi Arabia or the UAE, considering...

Yemen.. Prime Minister requests urgent European support to save the currency

On Tuesday, Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik asked the European Union to provide urgent support to save the local currency, which is witnessing a...

The Houthis complete control of the Abdiya district in Marib

On Sunday, the Houthi group completed control of the entire Al-Abdiya district in the Ma'rib governorate in central Yemen, according to a military source. The...

Washington assures Saudi Arabia of support for defending its territory and ending the Yemen...

The US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, confirmed, on Wednesday, that his country supports the defense of Saudi Arabia against all threats, while pushing...

Elections, Iran, and the “fuss” of the normalization conference in Iraq

A great uproar was sparked by a conference held in the city of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq, a...

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