Home Opinion Attack on India: HAMAS, Sheikh Hasina and Pakistani Jihad in Kashmir

Attack on India: HAMAS, Sheikh Hasina and Pakistani Jihad in Kashmir

HAMAS links with Jaish-e-Muhammad claimed Attack on Army

Attack on India: HAMAS, Sheikh Hasina and Pakistani Jihad on Kashmir
Attack on India: HAMAS, Sheikh Hasina and Pakistani Jihad on Kashmir

India is facing threat from neighboring nation Pakistan. Since 1947, the independence of Pakistan, Pakistan is continuously raging wars against India. The concept of Islamization of Pakistan’s army made the conditions more worst.

The Kashmir dispute has become a UN recognized matter to be resolved. The matter was brought to the UN by the Govt. of Pakistan in 1949. The then Canadian President of the UNSC, General McNaughton was requested to intervene and resolve this dispute among India and Pakistan. The proposal made by McNaughton declaring both India and Pakistan the equal partners was not acceptable to both the nations.

Since 1947, Pakistan started infiltration in the Kashmir. Pakistan named it Jihad-e-Kashmir(The Jihad of Kashmir). It’s been more than 70 years now(2019) the dispute remained unresolved.

The foundation of ISI(Inter-Services Intelligence), the intelligence agency of Pakistan, is lying on this ground only; independence of Kashmir(at least what Pakistan thinks of it).

Thousands of lives are lost for the same cause; Indian protecting Kashmir and Pakistanis in the effort of occupying Kashmir.

It was the first war between India and Pakistan right after both declared their independence from British Raj. Both just got independence 2 months ago and they fought a big battle of Kashmir. The battle caused thousands of lives of Indians and Pakistanis both. The civilian casualties are countless. The battle continued for 70 days making both the neighbors the worst enemies ever. Both armies declared a ceasefire state and a new line of control is drawn and accepted by India showing its goodwill towards UNO.

Pakistan since then, is continuously deceiving the international communities, NATO and UN resolution of the ceasefire.

Today, India has grown to be one of the superpowers in the world of education, medicines, space research, exploration and militia too. And Pakistan on the other has become the international supplier of Jihadis, training of Islamists around the world, and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities. While the economy of Pakistan has grown downwards making it one of the most dangerous places to invest(click here to see the article published on Visual Capitalist in December 2018) and one of the most dangerous among tourist destinations worldwide(click here to see the article published on Insider.com).

On the other side, India is prospering like a rising star in Asia.

India has shown its gesture of good neighbor many times to Pakistan but Pakistan has now become an Islamist nation, especially after Genl. Ziaul Haq regime.

The recent attack in India targeting India armed forces in Kashmir on this valentine’s day 2019 clearly shows the love of Pakistan for ‘Jihad-e-Kashmir’ killing more than 50 army troops.

Today, the Indian Kashmiri Muslims are very much disturbed by the Pakistani infiltration and Jihadist movements. Kashmiri people are not supporting Pakistan in their cause of separation of Kashmir. Now, even the Kashmiris, have realized that going with Pakistan will lead to astray.

India is a close ally to Bangladesh too. The present Sheikh Hasina regime has proved that she is patronizing Jihadist and Islamists making Bangladesh another radical Islamist nation in the eyes of western world countries.

The recent attack on peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslims in Bangladesh gave a clear indication that Sheikh Hasina’s allies are Jamaat-e-Islami and Hefazat-e-Islam which are guided by HAMAS and ISIS. Recent December 2018 elections are now questioned to by the US officials now. They have clearly stated that the democracy is in danger in Bangladesh(see below article)


Now for the Indian government, how is it possible to fight with, an Islamist nation, Pakistan and shaking hands with Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh knowing the connections with Hamas, ISIS and Dayesh.

Sequential Attacks:

First rallying publically with thousands of supporter in Bangladesh, the Islamist groups, Khatm-e-Nabuwat and Hefazat-e-Islam, portrayed their cruel intentions to make Bangladesh another ISIS driven base in Asia after Pakistan and then on 12th of February attacking the religious minority Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a clear indication that Bangladesh is following the path of Pakistan’s radical Islamism. ISIS proclaimed the responsibility of this attack but Bangladeshi authorities and media are trying to defying and characterizing the international community of this to be a clash locally driven by some Islamic Madrassas in the region. Reports have clearly shown that the political elite was involved in this attack(see the report below).

Just after Bangladesh started facing pressure from International media on this terror attack on 14th February 2019, the India army is attacked and Pakistani Islamist group Jaish-e-Muhammad proclaimed the attack. Jaish-e-Muhammad is an Islamist terrorist group guided by HAMAS and ISIS and officially functional in Pakistan.

This is not a mere single attack on the democracy but a well planned sequential attack which serves a triple purpose this time:

  1. Making Bangladesh a base for ISIS and HAMAS by targeting a religious minority which makes them famous among other Muslims in Bangladesh who are indoctrinated with the concept of Jihad against infidels.
  2. Showing India ‘We will hit you again and again and you can not do anything‘ and (3) this way they distract the media focus from Bangladesh to India.

India always showed its modesty and softness towards Bangladesh. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and his party should address this issue very seriously. Because, we, India, are surrounded by Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh. China and Pakistan are always playing against India but stop this kind of conspiracy against India where Bangladesh is becoming another HAMAS base.

India should not face situations like Israel where all Arab nations are against this small nation and persecuting them in other Muslim dominated countries. Jews are infidels for them and hence worth killing. Likewise, we Indians, whether Muslim or Hindu or Sikh or any other may face intense persecution around Muslim majority nations and Arab controlled media will depict our any action to stop infiltration an army action against neighbors.