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Sajjad Hossain, a Jihadist, Sitting in the US, Behind Anti-Ahmadiyya Bloodshed

Sajjad’s hands behind anti-Ahmadiyya activities in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Sajjad Hossain was living a posh life although he does not have any valid source of earnings. His son, Asif Sajjad was a student of North South University, where he also was affiliated with militancy outfit named Hizb Ut Tahrir. Sajjad Hossain never hesitated in telling a few of his friends in Dhaka of his connections with Pakistani espionage agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI).

For the past 35 years, Sajjad has been working as a handler of ISI and is under monthly payroll of Pakistan ISI.

During his student life, Sajjad was connected with leftist terror outfit Purbo Bangla Communist Party.

Sajjad Ali, A Jihadist
Sajjad Hossain, An Islamist Jihadist

Later he joined Chhatra Samaj, a student in front of military dictator Lt Gen Hussain Mohammad Ershad’s political party. Since his young age, Sajjad Hossain was involved in various types of crimes including robbery, abduction, rape, murder, etc. Considering such “credentials” of this man, Pakistani ISI found a befitting agent in Sajjad Hossain. By 1992, Sajjad became an effective operative of ISI and was promoted to the rank of a handler. His task was to coordinate Islamist militancy and pro-Pakistan groups in Bangladesh. As his area of activities expanded, at the instructions of ISI Head Quarters, Sajjad Hossain in 2010 went to the United States along with his wife Nahid Parveen Neeru and only son Asif Sajjad Santee and obtained permanent residency.

Sitting in the United States, Sajjad Hossain is maintaining communication with agents and contacts of ISI in the US as well as coordinating American Muslim radicals with the ulterior motive of continuing terrorist activities in the country.

Sajjad Hossain also has hands behind some of the recent terrorist attacks in the US.

Although he resides in Houston, Texas and still is living a posh life, this ISI handler does not have any valid source of earnings. His wife, Nahid Parveen Neeru works as a deep-covered operative of ISI under her husband’s command.

It is learned from credible sources, Nahid Parveen Neeru connects with various targets in the United States, mostly Christians, Jews and Hindus under the disguise of a sex worker and extracts information as per instruction of ISI. To the locals, this couple is seen as dubious, while many even believe Sajjad’s main source of income is from his wife profession as a sex worker.

It is alleged, as per directives from ISI, Sajjad Hossain has also been maintaining contacts with Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a notorious militancy group as well as other jihadist groups in India’s Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistani ISI and LeT are jointly plotting terrorist attacks on the members of Rashtriya Swam Sevak Sangh (RSS) for laters “anti-Muslim” and “anti-Islam” activities.

With this mission, Sajjad Hossain has been shuttling between the United States and Bangladesh spending thousands of dollars, despite the fact of his not having any source of income.

From Bangladesh, he secretly goes to India via Agartala border illegally and meets his jihadist counterparts to finalize the terrorist attack plots.

Sajjad Hossain also is one of the leading handlers of counterfeit Indian currency which he receives from ISI.

On receiving these “consignments”, Sajjad Hossain personally transports the consignments of counterfeit Indian currency notes by using his personal Toyota van.

Since Awami League retained its consecutive third term through the landslide victory in the December 30 general election, Sajjad Hossain has become increasingly active and has been contacting several individuals in Bangladesh with some unknown agenda.

More about Neeru(Sajjad’s wife):

There is a huge age gap between Sajjad Hossain and his wife Nahid Parveen Neeru. According to one of the neighbors of this couple’s Dhanmondi apartment in Dhaka, during her stay in Bangladesh, Neeru was known as a society call-girl who was attending clients in city’s expensive hotels and guesthouses.

It was an open secret to most of the neighbors. But in the US, Nahid Parveen Neeru is not just a discreet sex worker. She is actively involved with ISI and has been working in serving Pakistan’s interests.

Sajjad’s hands behind anti-Ahmadiyya activities in Bangladesh:

During 2001-2006, Sajjad Hossain was active in providing fund and logistics to Khatmey Nabuwat Andolan, an anti-Ahmadiyya group of radical Muslims. It is learned, ISI was using Sajjad in continuing anti-Ahmadiyya activities in Bangladesh similarly as that of Pakistan. Members of Khatmey Nabuwat Andolan had attacked and vandalized a large number of Ahmadiyya mosques as well as residential and business establishments.

Pakistani ISI also was actively involved in 1999 grenade attack on Ahmadiyya mosque in Khulna district in Bangladesh.

Sajjad Hossain had coordinated this attack and had handed cash to Mufti Shahidul Islam, a friend of Osama bin Laden.

Doesn’t FBI know about this particular case?

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should have information on the dubious activities of Sajjad Hossain. It also must have investigated as to how a person without any source of earning has been living in the US for years.

While President Donald Trump is actively trying to stop illegal migrants from entering the United States,

it is a matter of surprise; his administration is not taking any action against ISI handler Sajjad Hossain and his regular communication with ISI, LeT and other suspicious individuals and groups in the US.