India's First International News Journal

India's First International News Journal

Tuesday, August, 16, 2022

Topic: Chemistry


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TutorBin is Transforming Education by Making it more Personal

The global market for EdTech is likely to cross USD 400 billion by 2025 as per HolonIQ. The pandemic has accelerated the growth and adoption...

Countdown to know if Julio Navarro is the first from Santiago to win the Nobel Prize

He from Santiago Julio Navarro is nominated on the list of Citation Laureates, and it is one of the names that resonate to rise...

Research has shown that a person with a positive PCR test 10 days after symptoms has a small chance of being infectious

A well-known scientist of Montenegrin origin, Marija Backović, a doctor of biochemical sciences and molecular genetics, who has been working at the Pasteur Institute...

If a pandemic extinguishes humans, what will be the dominant species?

Due to threats such as climate change or the current coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are warning that our existence is in danger. But...

Why Are Indians Still Running After Engineering Without A Job Guarantee?

India is academics-oriented, and one of the most popular courses continues to be engineering. It is common to sight full-page ads in different magazines...

Computer becomes chemist: Autonomous chemistry laboratory for the pharmacist

In times of the corona crisis, we got a new look at many things. This includes the possible fragility of supply chains and the question of...