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Wednesday, November, 30, 2022

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Topic: Demonstration (protest)

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Fifth evening of protests: thousands of people took to the streets of Minsk

The security forces are pulled up to the presidential residence, outfits with dogs and special equipment to disperse the demonstrators were seen near it,...

“Stop hitting us!”: 250 women in Minsk called on riot police to stop violence

Earlier, the media noted the exceptional cruelty of Belarusian law enforcement officers - against protesters, journalists, and even bystanders. About 250 women, dressed in white,...

Activism in the corona crisis: Occupy via livestream

"Feel at home," says the young activist to his two colleagues after he has just unlocked the door to an apartment in Berlin's Schillerkiez....

France: Concert in Paris provokes riots

Flames and a huge black cloud of smoke rose around the Paris long-distance train station, Gare de Lyon. As the State Railways SNCF announced,...